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2009 Foundation of the company CCY - Diagnostic Interfaces.

2009 Design and introduction to the market of diagnostic interfaces for USB LPG installations.

2010 Designing and introducing LPG diagnostic devices to the serial port (RS232).

2011 Commencement of cooperation with external manufacturers of automotive diagnostic equipment and introduction of the first OBD2 diagnostic products to the offer.

2012 Design and introduction to the offer of LPG interfaces for Bluetooth wireless devices.

2012 Expansion of the company's infrastructure by purchasing milling and surface mounting equipment. Resignation from external services in this regard.

2013 First large foreign contracts and expansion of CCY brand products for LPG to the following markets: Greek, Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Peruvian and British.

2014 Extension of the service offer by surface-mount technology and preparation of templates.

2015 Change of cables used in LPG interfaces to custom-made CCY. The new cables have double screens, strings, insulation with a company imprint and are one meter longer than the previous ones.

2016 Development of the offer aimed at designing and making prototypes of devices with software.

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