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PCB design

We offer the design of both single and double-layer printed circuits. We have 10 years of experience in creating projects with various levels of advancement. From simple boards, e.g. TTL converters, to advanced measuring devices, control systems and communication modules.

Our greatest advantage is the fact that, apart from providing design services, we are a manufacturer of diagnostic equipment for the automotive industry. Thanks to this, we introduce newer and newer technologies necessary for the development of our own products and you receive the highest quality of services provided by an experienced team.

The PCB design services include elements such as:
  • wiring diagram
  • topology file
  • list of used components
  • coordinate programs for automatic assembly
  • drawing template for paste
  • file multiblock - format design ready to be sent to the pcb manufacturer, with the format design duplicated as many times as required, e.g. 2x2, 2x5 etc. - any configuration
  • and many others depending on the arrangements with the client.
We also modify existing projects . The most popular services in this area are:
  • changing the location of items
  • resize / dimension the entire circumference
  • solder points improvement
  • improved paths
  • replacing components with newer ones (this often requires modifying tracks and solder points)
  • optimization of the form for surface mounting
  • preparation of gerberas for production
  • preparation of gerberas arranged in panels

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