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Czujnik parkowania buzzer AG22B

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We are offering a parking sensor, i.e. a device supporting parking and reversing the car. It works on the principle of sonar - I emit ultrasonic waves which, when reflected from an obstacle, make it possible to determine the distance between the car and the obstacle. When reversing, the device correctly recognizes obstacles in the vehicle's path and warns the driver. The sensor is equipped with a special buzzer, which emits a sound signal increasing the frequency of the sound as you approach the obstacle.

For the correct installation of the device:
  • Mark the places where the sensors are to be installed.
  • Install the sensors in the holes made with the supplied drill bit. Place the ultrasonic sensors so that they adhere closely to the bumper surface and their axis is parallel to the road surface. Ultrasonic sensors should be positioned such that other parts of the vehicle are not within their field of view.
  • Connect the power wires. Connect the previously installed display to the control unit. Do not connect the sensors yet.
  • Select reverse gear with care (if this requires the ignition to be turned on or the engine running to energize the unit). If the device is correctly connected, it will emit a short beep.
  • Connect one of the sensors to the control unit and place the obstacle at a distance of 1 m from the sensor. The buzzer will send the right signal. This way the rest of the sensors should be checked. After completing the test, connect all sensors to the control unit.


  • Brand new, high quality 4 point reversing / parking sensor with buzzer.
  • Power is supplied to the device when the reversing lamps are lit. Turning on the power is signaled by a short sound signal, then the device switches to the AUTO-CHECK state (automatic control of device systems).
  • The parking sensor is equipped with a special acoustic signal (buzzer)
  • The device works properly when the reversing car is traveling at less than 5 km / h.
  • The sensors can be installed in the rear and front bumper.
  • Ultrasonic sensors should not be dirty. Mud, dust, etc. may cause it to malfunction.


  • Supply voltage: DC12V (10.5V - 16V)
  • Supply current: 40mA ~ 300mA
  • Sensor range: 0.3 ~ 2.0m
  • Vertical detection: 90 cm
  • Horizontal detection: 90 cm
  • Maximum power consumption: 4W
  • Sound signaling (dedicated buzzers)
  • Measure the distance to the obstacle
  • Location of the obstacle
  • Working temperature (° C) -40 ~ + 80
  • Power cord length: 70 cm
  • Sensor cable length: 2.4 m
  • Color of sensors: black


  • Central control unit
  • 4 ultrasonic sensors
  • Buzzer - sound signal
  • Power connection cable
  • Special drill bit for drilling holes in the bumper for sensors (22 mm hole saw)
  • Double-sided self-adhesive mounting pad
  • User manual


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