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Cable processing equipment

Cable stripping device

The device allows you to quickly and accurately remove insulation from single and multi-core cables. The wide range of wire length and thickness adjustment makes it an extremely versatile tool that allows you to increase production efficiency. Our device, unlike other devices of this type on the market, is powered only by electricity and does not require compressed air. The compact dimensions mean that there is no need for a separate stand for it, when it is not used, it can be simply put on a shelf. The simple design allows this tool to work practically without the need for any service.
  • support for cable thickness from 0.1 to 5mm2
  • adjustable stripping length from 1 to 30 mm
  • possibility of stripping multi-wire cables (all wires simultaneously)
  • automatic release or with pedal use
  • performance up to 80 insulation per minute
  • 230V50Hz power supply


Automatic machine for cutting cables and other materials from rolls

Our design is distinguished by the ease of use, which is not more complicated than the operation of the copier. The elimination of compressed air supply made it much more mobile and, above all, allowed to significantly improve the efficiency (the guillotine work cycle itself lasts about 0.2 seconds). All you need to do is connect the device to an electric socket and you can start working. The high power of the guillotine allows you to automatically cut materials that so far could not be processed with desk devices. The unlimited range of length adjustment and a large range of adjustment of the quantity and thickness of the cut material make it an extremely versatile tool that allows you to increase production efficiency.
  • capacity about 180 segments per minute at 1 cm length
  • possibility to cut various types of materials (cables, hoses, tapes, heat shrink tubes etc.)
  • maximum width of the material to be cut: 50 mm
  • a very strong guillotine allowing to cut cables up to 10 mm2
  • available menu languages: Polish, English, German
  • choice of measurement unit
  • intuitive operation (similar to using a copier)
  • 230V50Hz power supply


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