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The offer of CCY also includes the contract assembly of printed circuits in SMT and THT technologies from own or entrusted components. We offer assembly of prototype modules as well as medium production batches. Thanks to our own production line, we are able to start production quickly. We make all paste templates on our own. This allows you to reduce the costs of starting production, and above all significantly shorten the time of its launch.

The assembly process takes place at our headquarters in Gdańsk. Thanks to a modern and efficient machine for arranging SMD components, we are able to assemble a wide range of electronic boards in a short time. The company's structure enables us to efficiently and professionally service clients throughout Poland and abroad. Our strengths are the reliability and knowledge of the company's professional team of employees. Each project is priced individually after sending the documentation. For the valuation, please send the source files from Protel 99, Eagel, KiCad (possibly another program), gerberas (template, description), list of elements. With standing orders, we do not charge additional fees for the preparation of production documentation or the preparation of the machine software.

We also offer: cabling production and assembly, system programming and testing, mechanical assembly, housing processing, packaging.
Attractive methods of financial settlements and extended payment terms for regular customers.

Our offer includes:
  • Customer service in the field of technical preparation.
  • Delivery of SMD components at the customer's request (we run a warehouse of SMD components for regular customers).
  • Lead-free and lead-free assembly (for special production).
  • Applying solder paste through metal stencils.
  • Applying glue.
  • Automatic assembly of SMD components.
  • Manual assembly for complementary through-hole components.
  • Reflow soldering in a convection oven.
  • Cutting tiles into individual modules.
  • Testing modules.
  • Prototype or mid-series production.
  • We offer a supply of high-quality templates and laminates.
Technical specification:
  • Maximum PCB size 300mm x 200mm
  • Laminate thickness from 0.4mm to 3mm
  • Discrete elements from 0201, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, µBGA, CSP, QFN, LED

We use high-quality components and materials for production. Installation is carried out taking into account the ESD protection conditions. We offer express prototypes or small series, as well as preparation of production documentation. All data and information received from customers are treated as confidential.


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