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Interfejs OBD2 Renolink USB

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The Renolink diagnostic interface is a modern tool designed for diagnosing Renault, Nissan, and Dacia vehicles. It replaces the Clip probe and allows for comprehensive servicing of all electronic components in the car. This enables you to perform tests on the actuator components and adaptations, which are necessary when repairing the engine or after disconnecting the battery. Renolink is the best version of the interface available on the market.

  • The interface version is v1.99, which means that it is the latest available version.
  • The Renolink diagnostic interface is fully compatible with the popular diagnostic software DDT4ALL, which enables even greater precision and effectiveness in diagnosing and repairing faults.
  • Improved communication with the UDS - ISO14230 protocol allows for easier and more effective diagnosis and repair of Renault, Nissan, and Dacia vehicles.
  • Thanks to the improved stability of the CAN communication, the Renolink diagnostic interface ensures much more reliable and accurate operation, which translates into user satisfaction and better diagnostic results.
  • The Renolink diagnostic interface version 1.99 has been enhanced by adding new functionalities that were not available in previous versions.
  • One of the most important new features is the Crash Data Erase in Clio 5, Logan 3, and Sandero 3 models.
  • The Renolink interface version 1.99 also allows for reading and writing the ECM, which enables precise diagnosis and repair of electronic component problems in the vehicle.
  • UHC cleaning and UHC T4 PIN reading is another important functionality that has been added in version 1.99. This enables effective and precise actions in the diagnostic and repair process of electronic systems.
  • Adding keys/cards to Renault vehicles in models such as Duster, Logan, Docker, Laguna3, and Megane3 is another important functionality that has been added in version 1.99 of the Renolink diagnostic interface. This allows for easy and efficient management of keys and cards, resulting in user satisfaction and improved vehicle functionality.
  • It diagnoses all available modules in the car, including engine, air-bag, ABS, immobilizer, alarm, etc.
  • Reads and clears error codes.
  • Performs adaptations of actuating elements, such as injection angle, throttle, idle and ignition control, injection dose during start-up, EGR opening.
  • Codes and deletes remotes, as well as codes the odometer.
  • Edits UCH (central locking control module).
  • Reads PIN (vehicle identification number).
  • Programs airbags.
  • Programs engine ECU (engine control module).
  • Reads and writes EEPROM and FLASH memory as well as UCH.
  • Resets service and oil inspections (both fixed and variable periodic intervals, Long Life).
  • Displays measurement blocks with a preview of operating parameters during driving, such as boost pressure, injection times, injection corrections, PD camshaft synchronization, temperature, airflow meter, gauges, etc.
  • The set includes:

  • Renolink Diagnostic Interface v.1.99
  • Link to download software and installation instructions in digital form. Sent after purchase in an email message.
  • Possible technical support in software installation.
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